Provide lockers to lighten pupils' loads

A few days ago, I was asked to take my granddaughter, who weighs about 18kg and is a Primary 2 pupil, to school. I discovered that her schoolbag weighed about 6kg.

When asked why nothing had been done about the heavy bag and whether it was packed according to the daily timetable, her mother said those were her daughter's books for that day.

To mitigate the load on her tiny shoulders, my granddaughter also had a trolley bag, but it led to her tumbling down a flight of stairs.

Given the pace of our educational system, my concern is that the school syllabus will keep increasing, hence resulting in pupils having to lug an ever-increasing load of books to school daily.

I urge the Ministry of Education to provide lockers, especially for lower primary pupils, so that there is no need for them to lug such heavy loads of books to school daily.

Seah Kian Chong