Provide lifts at overhead bridge near polyclinic

Recently, I was at Geylang East Central waiting for my wife, who was seeing a doctor at Geylang Polyclinic.

During the two to three hours I was there, I noticed that seniors who alighted at the bus stop needed to make an agonising climb up and down the overhead pedestrian bridge to get to the polyclinic.

The alternative was to trudge down to the signalised pedestrian crossing, located some distance away.

Many seniors were using walking sticks, perhaps going to the polyclinic precisely to seek treatment for joint aches and mobility problems.

I hope the Land Transport Authority will provide lifts on both sides of the bridge so this group of commuters can move around independently, conveniently and painlessly.

Alternatively, provide a signalised pedestrian crossing just before the bus stop so seniors can cross after alighting from the bus.

Soh Ah Yuen