Provide carparks next to DTL2 stations

I thank the Government for building the Downtown Line 2 (DTL2).

It is a great convenience to many, but I would like to suggest one enhancement: Provide carparks next to the stations.

Each time I take the DTL2, I need a lift to the station as it is too far to walk to at my age and in our weather.

If I could park at the station, I would certainly drive myself there to travel by train more often.

The DTL2 passes through several areas with private estates, which are not served by feeder buses. The residents in these areas are likely to be regular drivers, like myself.

For the car-lite movement to succeed, it is our travel habits that need to change.

The two stations near my home are Hillview and Cashew, and there appears to be adjacent land which could be used for parking.

Sin Chey Cheng (Ms)