Proud of soldiers' contribution to nation

I recently attended my son's passing-out parade at the Marina Bay floating platform.

It was a proud moment for many of the family and friends of the recruits who had just completed their basic military training (BMT).

This is the day of their transition from citizens to soldiers.

The training pushed the recruits' minds and bodies to new limits, giving them a deeper respect for themselves and those around them.

Before they entered BMT, many were pampered and dependent on parents and maids to do their daily chores, such as cleaning their room, making their bed and washing their clothes.

Some may also have had a short leash over their temper.

But, with discipline instilled into them from Day 1, they have been moulded into becoming better people.

The training equipped them with confidence and fitness for any eventuality or challenge that our nation may face.

Loyalty to our country is what commits us as citizens to protecting and defending our nation.

This is our homeland, which contains all that we cherish, our family and our way of life. We have a responsibility to protect it.

As parents, we are proud of our soldiers' sacrifices and contributions to our nation.

V. Balu