Proud of how far Mr Lee's legacy reaches

Of the various reports to mark the first anniversary of the death of our founding father Lee Kuan Yew, the one that captured my attention was the report on the baby named after Mr Lee ("Lee Kuan Yew turns one today in Tamil Nadu"; March 23).

Singaporeans should be proud that someone has named his son after Mr Lee. It shows the extent of Mr Lee's legacy beyond our island.

Many workers from South India built our homes and infrastructure in the past. Even today, many migrant workers from there are working hard in Singapore to support their families.

I believe many of these workers' parents or grandparents would have worked in Singapore during Mr Lee's time as prime minister.

Their work in Singapore changed and improved their lives over the years. Hence, the workers' expression of gratitude and grief at Mr Lee's death is understandable.

Our young should be taught the rich history of Singapore's beginnings, especially Mr Lee's vision for the country.

His legacy has impacted many people in other countries, even in a small village in a remote part of South India.

A. Kannan