Protect the elderly from errant cyclists

On behalf of bus commuters, I wish to alert the authorities to hazards at bus stops.

On Feb 13, a cyclist rode through the temporary bus stop along Napier Road outside the Australian High Commission, near the MRT construction site, as I was alighting from service 7.

Luckily, I saw him in time and avoided a collision. If I had not seen him coming, he would have knocked me, an elderly person, down.

For young people, injuries arising from accidents with bicycles may not be very serious. But for senior citizens, a simple fall or fracture can prove fatal.

For senior citizens, safety on the roads is valued as much as concessionary travel and the extended pedestrian-crossing time at traffic junctions.

I hope we can be protected from errant cyclists, too, especially at bus stops near massive constructive sites, where there are space constraints.

Wong Oi Kwan (Madam)