Protect pedestrians' right of way on walkways

I share the concerns of Mr Syed Alwi Altahir ("Stop the bicycle chaos on pavements, roads"; Feb 8), Mr Ng Sung Nang ("Build humps on pedestrian walkways"; Feb 8) and others, on the menace of cyclists on pedestrian walkways.

My wife and I have had numerous encounters, including near accidents, where the riders of bicycles (including motorised ones) behave as if they are the ones who have the absolute right of way on pedestrian walkways.

In one near accident, the rider of a motorised bicycle blamed my wife for forcing the abrupt stop of his high-speed riding because she was not able to avoid him in time.

Can the authorities do more to protect the right of way of pedestrians on public walkways?

Should there not be public education to remind all users who has the right of way on public pedestrian walkways?

Should there not be clear signs on public walkways and stepped-up enforcement against violators?

Lim Teck How