Promoting good eating habits from a young age

I read with delight that the Government will progressively tighten the nutritional content requirements in food served in pre-schools (Enhanced measures to ensure better diets in pre-schools; Oct 29).

I would like to propose that all primary schools start providing standard meals akin to that provided to those enlisted for national service.

This will have multiple benefits.

First, we will be able to cultivate good and healthy eating habits with proper nutrition, especially among the young.

Second, we will be educating our young ones about not being too choosy about their food.

Third, this may also help to blur the line of social divide where kids compare the amount of pocket money they have based on the amount of junk food they buy.

Providing standard meals will also help reduce the obesity rates among children.

I hope the Government will seriously look into these as they will instil in young Singaporeans the correct mindset about food.

It is disappointing to see some of our Singapore Armed Forces personnel refusing to eat food from the cookhouse and choosing instead to have their meals in the canteen.

It is, however, too late to change their mindset.

Lee Ju Guang