Promote significance of green spaces

It is heartening to see greater importance placed on green urbanism - the practice of creating communities beneficial to humans and the environment - and more people beginning to promote the beneficial qualities it brings ("Green urbanism and mental health"; Aug 12).

Only a minority of Singaporeans seem to treasure our nature parks and understand the perks they bring.

We often regard these green spaces as decorative pieces in our country and regard the elderly as their only patrons.

Such a mindset needs to be rectified and more people need to be aware of the many benefits green urbanism brings in our fast-paced society.

More can be done to cultivate Singaporeans' appreciation and love for green spaces. We need to encourage people to regard these as places for leisure.

From the overwhelming response to the live screening of the National Day Parade last year at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, one can tell that Singaporeans clearly enjoy having a day at green spaces.

More events such as community runs and small-scale concerts will see people visiting and appreciating these green spaces more.

Schools should organise learning journeys to parks for subjects such as biology and geography.

Active learning through direct personal experience is one of the best ways to gain knowledge. Students will also learn to better appreciate these precious green spaces.

Green urbanism fits perfectly with Singapore's vision of being a "city in a garden" and I hope that more can be done to promote it.

Tiffanie Lim Hui Jun (Miss)