Promote healthy eating at the workplace

The increasing incidence of obesity in Singapore is definitely worrying ("Obesity also rising in Singapore"; April 2).

This can be attributed to many factors, including increasingly hectic lifestyles in this fast-paced and competitive society.

With more work to be done in the same 24 hours, people are forced to make wrong choices when eating.

These include turning to fast food, as it is cheaper and does not require one to go through the hassle of waiting; eating at irregular times of the day; snacking, as people do not have time to have proper meals; and "stress eating", as stress leads to strong cravings or mindless eating.

To prevent this worrying trend from increasing, I suggest that companies promote healthy eating, just like how schools encourage their students by having their canteens sell healthier food.

Companies can develop a healthy workplace catering policy to cater meals for their employees, so they will not have to worry about dealing with the lunch crowd when getting their meals.

This ensures that all employees are getting sufficient nutrients without making wrong food choices.

Similarly, companies should have their canteens sell healthier food, such as whole grains, lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

Vending machines within the workplace should also be selling snacks with "healthier choice" labels on them.

By bringing healthier food to employees, healthier eating habits can be promoted among Singaporeans, which could possibly reduce the obesity count.

Ng Ying Ting (Ms)

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