Pro-rate ElderShield premiums for those turning 66

I thank the Ministry of Health (MOH) for its clarification on payment of premiums on an annual basis for ElderShield until the age of 65 ("ElderShield premium: MOH replies"; Forum Online, Sept 14) in response to my letter ("Query on ElderShield premium"; Forum Online, Aug 23).

It correctly stated that even though I will turn 66 in November, as at the renewal date of Sept 30 this year, I am still 65 years old.

The renewal date for this year covers the insured period from Sept 30 this year to Sept 29 next year.

Why do I have to pay premiums 10 months beyond the date I turn 66? It is only fair to pay pro-rated premiums, for two months, until I turn 66, and not for the whole 12 months.

I urge MOH to review the premium payment on an annual basis to allow pro-rated payment for senior policyholders turning 66, as a more equitable system.

Many of these seniors will be retirees by then and, to them, every cent counts.

Chin Kee Thou