Print party logos in colour on ballot paper

For the general election this year, the photographs of the candidates will be printed on the ballot paper ("Elections Dept sets rules for coming polls"; Aug 21).

This will help many people, especially the elderly, to recognise the political party more easily.

Another suggestion is to print the logos of the political parties in colour on the ballot paper, instead of having them in black and white.

Many voters are familiar with the logos and colours of the various political parties, as their banners are hung all over Singapore.

However, on the ballot paper, the logos are in black and white, devoid of the familiar colours.

This makes it hard for some people to distinguish between the various political parties.

Printing the logos on ballot papers using their actual colours will make it easy for everyone to recognise the political parties easily and quickly. Perhaps this could be implemented for future elections.

Kuan Kok Oon