Preserve rare Lentor forest stream

I am writing to appeal for the conservation of parts of the Lentor forest stream ("Two plots to be kept in forest marked for clearing", June 7).

We have a forest rich in animal life, so it is a great loss and pity to just let it go.

When I visited the area, I was greeted by monkeys and I saw Elephant Foot's ferns, frogs, doves, fish and even a rare emerald pigeon which flew overhead.

Did we work too fast, moving in machines to bulldoze through the land? Is it justified to build concrete structures over this part of nature?

We need places like our freshwater streams to understand the history of Singapore.

We started off as kampungs and have progressed to what we are now. Ripping Lentor apart rips off a living part of our Singapore history too. This is going to be a permanent loss.

The stream significantly cools and lowers the temperature in the area. Its destruction adds to climate change and global warming. This is what we have to bear with, many years down the road. It will be too late to regret by then.

I hope the authorities will reconsider their decision to clear the land.

Sandy Tan Pei San (Ms)