Prepare young Singaporeans early to tackle future challenges

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that how well Singapore does in the next 30 years depends on the next generation ("PM Lee seeks to rally youth amid slowing economy"; Oct 25).

We are more vulnerable than bigger nations to disruptions and changes.

Hence, we need to raise awareness of these challenges among our younger citizens and get them prepared early.

This is perhaps the best way to inspire them to take ownership of future problems.

I suggest that a forum similar to The Straits Times Future Economy Forum be organised for students and younger workers.

To get more active participation, they should be allowed to voice their concerns or suggestions anonymously.

It is important that we - whether as parents, teachers, employers or civil servants - listen to our younger citizens more, so that ideas from them can be used to tackle future challenges.

With our population ageing fast, engaging younger citizens early to shape the nation's future has become even more urgent than before.

Albert Ng Ya Ken