Pre-school teachers play important role

As we celebrate Teachers' Day on Sept 2 this year, let us not forget the huge sacrifices made by our teachers.

Most of us would usually dedicate this special occasion to our primary school, secondary school or even post-secondary school teachers.

However, let us not forget a small group of educators who play an important role in the lives of our children and maybe us too - pre-school teachers.

Pre-school teachers range from those in infant-care and childcare up to kindergarten level. They are the ones who introduce the alphabet, numbers, words, colours, shapes and sizes to our children. They complement the roles of parents who are busy with their careers.

During this early stage of our children's lives, pre-school teachers not only teach but also guide, motivate and clean up after our children.

My wife and I appreciate the dedication and commitment of pre-school teachers, as our son has been in a childcare centre near our home for more than four months now.

I wish all teachers Happy Teachers' Day. They not only shape our children's future but also play a meaningful part in shaping our nation's future.

Muhammad Dzul Azhan Haji Sahban