Pre-school education: Don't forget private sector teachers

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Lim Guohao's take on what is happening in the early childhood education scene (Time to improve pre-school teachers' wages, benefits; July 7).

Without a doubt, the Government is trying its best to encourage more Singaporeans to become early childhood teachers.

But the problems in early childhood teaching are not confined to government-run centres.

Pre-school teachers in the private sector have their fair share of problems and are often overlooked.

In fact, a high number of these teachers leave the industry because of their experience in poorly run private pre-schools.

Private pre-schools are given a freer hand when it comes to rules and regulations for teachers.

Often, what is stated in the handbook differs greatly from what is happening on the ground.

Also, private pre-schools appear unable to hire administrative executives, so the teachers are often saddled with the paperwork on top of their already heavy teaching workload.

Views of staff members who complain about the workload or working conditions are often ignored. Sometimes, bosses get back at these vocal staff members by giving them even more work.

Thus, I call for more regulation in the private sector and that if improvements to wages and perks are made, these be extended to the private sector as well.

Sharis Wong Chien En (Miss)