Police should use force when situation calls for it

I was upsetting to read about our police officers getting assaulted in the course of their duties (Man jailed six months for assaulting police officers a second time; Nov 1).

There have been several such cases this year and they reflect a total disregard and disrespect for our men in blue.

The brawl in Envy Dance Club on Nov 12 reminded me of the way our police officers responded during the Little India riot - they again appeared reluctant to use force to bring the situation under control and restore order.

If our police officers cannot bring a brawling group to order, and end up getting assaulted instead, how can we expect them to control the situation when terror strikes.

When faced with angry and uncontrollable crowds, police officers should be authorised to fire warning shots.

And, if the situation warrants, to take down the agitators by force.

It is time for our police officers to exert their authority to bring order back to Singapore.

It is time for our courts to toughen the punishments for anyone found insulting or assaulting our police officers.

A few strokes of the cane will be most appropriate for anyone who assaults our police officers.

Patrick Tan