Police can do even better with public's help

The Singapore Police Force did a splendid job in apprehending the suspects involved in recent robberies at a petrol station in Upper Bukit Timah Road and a Western Union branch in Ubi Avenue 1 (Suspect nabbed after motorist tails him from petrol station, Aug 2; and Ubi armed robbery suspect nabbed, Aug 5).

The hard work, speed and efficiency displayed by our policemen were marvellous and laudable.

In the latter case, the police had to comb through more than 1,000 hours of closed-circuit television footage from police cameras, in-car cameras, shophouses and eateries to identify the man. This is no mean task.

The public also played a significant part in providing the police with useful information.

It is indubitably clear that, with the help and cooperation of the public, our policemen would be able to do a better job in keeping Singapore free from crimes.

There should be a symbiotic relationship between the police and the public.

The public must understand that the police are not our enemies but our friends. They are here to protect us and our property so that we can live peacefully. All they need is our cooperation and information.

Once criminals are aware of such a relationship, they would think many times before committing any crime.

Singapore's crime rate is quite low. With a good relationship between the police and public, the rate can be reduced even further.

Pavithran Vidyadhran