Pokemon Go can spark new wave of community bonding

Pokemon Go has brought about a huge change to the lifestyles of many players around the world ("Pokemania hits Singapore"; Aug 7).

We have heard of how the game managed to encourage people to get off their seats and start taking walks as they capture Pokemon.

People from all walks of life are brought together at "PokeStops", which can be a community centre or a playground. Players further interact and befriend one another by sharing information and helping one another capture Pokemon.

A personal hobby is thus turned into a community-based activity to bond the entire neighbourhood.

Perhaps, in Singapore, community events can be held at PokeStops to promote community bonding.

Organisers can use "lures" to attract Pokemon to the PokeStop, thereby drawing players too, who can then participate in the community events.

Through this app, we may be able to witness a new wave of community togetherness in Singapore.

Liaw Zhi Yong