Play to the rules instead of asking for rule changes

It is easy for the National Private Hire Vehicles Association to call for the removal of regulations (Open up taxi stands to private-hire vehicles; Sept 7).

I am a taxi driver and as drivers, we all know that rules and regulations are necessary to ensure that there is an even playing field for all who do this for a living.

The rules and regulations governing the operation of taxi services and private-hire vehicles were clearly laid out by the Land Transport Authority on July 1 (Display private-hire car licence, decal or face penalties; June 30).

Drivers who opt to provide private-hire services know fully the pros and cons of doing so.

At the end of the day, whether one is a taxi driver or driver of a private-hire vehicle, we are all drivers working hard to make an honest living for our families.

Our role is primarily to ensure our customers get good service and that they reach their destination safely.

Instead of requesting that the rules be changed, it would be better for the relevant operators and organisations to work with and help drivers seek compliance with the rules.

Haniff Mahbob