People should be allowed to build up critical thinking skills

There is already talk on the ground that the latest move to check fake news could stifle free speech.

As it is, Singaporeans are a passive lot; some would even say politically apathetic.

The younger Singaporeans should be taught to speak up for the truth, even the inconvenient ones.

They should be free to express their ideals. Their comments could be naive at times, but these views could be easily corrected with some realistic commentary.

People should be allowed to build up their critical thinking skills. It will only help Singapore in the long run.

We must believe that we love our country beyond partisan party politics.

Singapore is known worldwide. Let us also be known for our broad-minded stand in these matters and be a beacon for others.

There are already strict libel laws in Singapore, and a mainstream media that disseminates accurate news and deals with misleading ones straight away.

There are also sedition laws to deal with disparaging racial or religious comments.

Let us go with a lighter approach.

Chandra Das

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