Pay tribute to athletes with public event

The media coverage on the Rio Olympics was extensive, especially over Joseph Schooling's accomplishments. Through his story, we learnt what he and other athletes have gone through ("Pain behind the glory"; Aug 21).

We realised it takes a village to raise a sports champion - besides the athlete, his family, coach, school/employer, physiotherapist and so on, all play a big role.

We learnt that the journey to Rio was an arduous one, requiring great discipline and perseverance, continual hard work, sacrifice and strong will. We also discovered the road to Rio can be a financial strain.

I salute the 25 athletes who represented Singapore at the Olympics, as well as their families, for the support they gave them.

It feels apt that a public parade or other forms of public recognition be organised to allow Singapore to say thanks and to show our support of their efforts.

The other athletes who worked hard but were unsuccessful in making it to Rio should be included, for all have spent years of hard work in pursuit of this dream.

May they continue to hold firm to their dream and make it a reality. And may we become a sports loving country, with a new generation of aspiring Olympians.

Ng Wee Chew (Ms)