'Passion Made Possible' resonates with those at home, abroad

We are encouraged that our brand "Passion Made Possible" which we launched in August has resonated with our audiences both locally and overseas.

The new brand has been described as "fresh", "powerful", and "aspirational", and the brand videos have been viewed 36.6 million times.

We started working on our new brand by asking people in Singapore what Singapore stands for and what makes us special.

We then spoke to industry stakeholders and international audiences across 10 countries. Over 4,400 people were surveyed.

They told us that passion and an openness to possibilities are what sets Singapore's attitude and spirit apart from others.

They saw in Singapore the passion to chase our dreams - be it in the invention of a product or the creation of sumptuous dishes.

Through our marketing campaigns, we celebrate the stories of Singaporeans making their mark on the world.

The spirit of "Passion Made Possible" will also anchor our products and experiences.

In the process, we hope to inspire more Singaporeans to channel their passions into possibilities.

"Passion Made Possible" starts with Singaporeans, and connects us with the world.

We believe it will help potential tourists and businesses think of Singapore as a preferred destination to visit and location to invest in, and in so doing, create more opportunities for Singaporeans to chase their dreams and succeed.

Lim Shoo Ling (Ms)

Director, Brand

Singapore Tourism Board

Dane Lim,

Director, Marketing & Communications

Singapore Economic Development Board

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