Parcel delivery service needs improvement

On Aug 13, I found a Singapore Post (SingPost) delivery slip saying that there had been an attempt to deliver a parcel to my house. The delivery time was not stated and the article number was also incorrectly written.

There were five adults in the house, none of whom heard the doorbell, much less a knock on the door to announce the delivery.

I proceeded to call SingPost's hotline and requested to speak to a manager.

I had to call back at least seven times over three days before I managed to speak to a manager to resolve the issue.

Each time, I spent at least 15 minutes on the call.

Is the call centre so understaffed that it takes three days for a manager to find time to return a call?

This experience has been frustrating. There was urgency on my part because if the parcel was not collected within a few days, it would be sent to another collection centre.

The postman has a responsibility to deliver parcels.

I have not had such a bad experience with couriers from other delivery companies.

Those couriers would knock on the door, ring the bell, call out or call me on my phone.

They make every effort to deliver because it is extra trouble for them to make a second trip and they do not have a post office to send parcels to for self-collection.

Loy Xue Qian (Ms)