Paid parking most efficient solution to private estate traffic woes

Non-residents parking along roads in private estates, causing inconvenience, have sparked an uproar among residents ("Introduce paid parking to private estates?"; July 17).

Residents take matters into their own hands by placing dustbins and flower pots outside their homes to prevent other vehicle owners from parking there.

Parking spaces should be marked out in private estates. Since they are highly desired and contested, the Urban Redevelopment Authority should charge for their use.

Parking spaces should be awarded to those who are willing and able to pay for them. Residents can purchase season parking for each vehicle at rates that are similar to what HDB charges.

This would be the most efficient allocation of scarce resources.

It will be an unpopular move, but residents should step back and see the bigger picture.

Paid parking spaces would deter non-residents from parking there and encourage residents to park only within their premises, thus easing traffic congestion in these estates and improving the safety of pedestrians.

Keeran Jayaravin