Paid parking discourages use of parks

In the past, visitors to Pasir Ris Park did not have to pay for parking.

Recently, an electronic parking system was installed and the parking rate is $1 an hour every day.

On the one hand, the Government is encouraging Singaporeans to bond with family members, and parks are great avenues for such outings.

However, measures like paid parking somewhat contradict the bigger policy and reinforce the perception that hidden costs abound for family outings.

Given that there has always been ample parking spaces at Pasir Ris Park, it is perplexing why the National Parks Board (NParks) had to implement paid parking.

I urge NParks to reconsider this at Pasir Ris Park, or at least consider having parking rates similar to carparks which offer free parking between 5pm and 8am the following day, and free parking on Sundays and public holidays.

Lee Yong Se