Options available with telco contracts

Mr Malcolm M. Noronha said the "savings" of being in a telco contract are not great ("Shorten 24-month telco contracts"; Nov 21).

He can choose to go for a SIM-only service which costs much less per month, with no contract.

Consumers do get the latest handsets free with the 24-month contracts. The grade of the mobile phone you get would depend on the plan you sign up for.

I am certain that by paying a higher monthly charge, one could sign up for a 12-month contract. The vendor would just distribute the phone subsidy over a shorter period.

For most users, they do not need the most popular brands of handsets and can go for less popular ones.

Some vendors now offer customers with combination plans the right to replace the mobile phone every 12 months.

So it is one's choice: a shorter contract and buying a phone, or a free phone with a combination or 24-month service.

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