Opening bank account? Check that your phone number's correct

I write to highlight the importance of keying in one's mobile phone number correctly when opening a bank account.

Not only will keying in a wrong contact number inconvenience another party, but one's bank transactions are also made known to the wrong party.

A few months ago, I received an SMS alert from OCBC Bank telling me that I had opened an account and the password was changed.

As I had not done so, I called OCBC's help line and was informed that it was a mistake made by its customer.

So I asked the bank staff to call the customer and to correct the wrong mobile phone number given.

However, I continued to receive such SMS alerts throughout the months of July, August and September even though I have made three calls to the bank to date, and was told each time that the bank would look into the matter.

Oon Chin Hock