Only leaders with conscience can fix rich-poor gap

The Straits Times graphic illustrating the Oxfam Report 2019 was telling by its numbers (Rich-poor gap widens, Jan 22).

No matter how one may feel about the impact of the ever-widening rich-poor gap, one thing is clear: The world is heading towards an unconscionable end in the way wealth is gathered and distributed.

Think about the gross inequitable distribution: 0.5 per cent extra tax on the richest 1 per cent can alleviate education deprivation of 262 million children out of school and provide healthcare that would save 3.3 million lives.

Such mind-boggling numbers can numb the consciences of those who live in their isolated worlds of comfort and plenty.

There is no way to be empathetic simply because this is beyond the experience of the wealthy.

The rich on their own will not act. Only leaders of conscience who hold their ruling powers can enforce appropriate actions to correct such blatant inequity.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)