OK to defray volunteers' costs

While residing in Australia, I did volunteer work ferrying the elderly to medical appointments and on grocery shopping trips.

Volunteers were paid a token sum to help defray their cost of petrol as they travelled from their home to the service user's home and back.

At the end of the trip, we were required to submit our service forms and we had a choice on whether we wished to be reimbursed for petrol.

I see nothing wrong in paying volunteers a token sum ("Volunteers' pay may send wrong message" by Ms Quek May Ling; Oct 12).

In this way, we can hope to rope in more retirees or people who wish to do volunteer work but may be on tight budgets, and who may be deterred by the expenses they will have to incur.

It is OK to help defray their costs.

Jennifer Ho-Koh Jeok Kiak (Mrs)