Obvious why private-hire car services are popular

Taxi commuters must have read with interest the two reports ("A fare way to fix taxi woes" and "'Passengers happier with Uber, Grab than cabs'"; both published on Feb 14).

There are several reasons for the results.

First, private-hire operators, who must have seen the weaknesses of our taxi services, offer services that make them available at most times, especially during peak hours and before the change to a higher level of surcharges.

Second, as new operators, they knew they have to provide a better service to commuters in order to win over those who normally take taxis.

Some would say that taking a private-hire car feels like taking a car ride from friends, colleagues or neighbours - at a price normally lower than regular taxi fares.

Drivers of such cars are generally younger, speak better English and are enthusiastic as they are pretty new in their job.

Lastly, the fare is predetermined, without any surcharges due to delays caused by traffic jams or Electronic Road Pricing charges.

I have used private-hire car services and I give them a thumbs-up.

Gan Kok Tiong