Nurse to dad's rescue

My father has carried a urine bag since being discharged from Singapore General Hospital (SGH) a few months ago and was supposed to make a follow-up visit to the hospital.

But he adamantly refused to go no matter how I persuaded him to do so. Worse, there were signs that he was getting an infection.

Even an ambulance was called, but to no avail. At age 89, he might have thought it very inauspicious to visit a hospital.

At my wits' end, I called SGH for help or suggestions and senior nurse manager Peh Bee Har was on hand to patiently listen to my woes.

She personally made arrangements to get a home nurse to resolve my father's medical needs and kept me updated regularly on the progress of these arrangements - all within the day and on top of her busy schedule.

I am impressed by Sister Peh's dedication and am grateful to her.

Kan Kam Fai