Nothing like hard work, training to draw fans back

Foreign clubs have reigned over local clubs in the S-League and Singapore Cup in the last few years.

While the competition format and how the league should be organised could be reviewed for improvement, the basis of the ailing S-League has partially got to do with the deteriorating footballing standard of the local clubs.

The well-organised Japanese club Albirex had attributed their success to hard work, tough training and mentality.

The local clubs should mirror themselves in the light of the reigning champions.

Are they - year in, year out - trained and worked as hard as the champions are?

We may institutionalise thousands of dollars in prizes to reward clubs for good performance in the league, but the desired outcome will still not be there if the clubs are non-committal in training, and content to play just so as not to be last in ranking.

No amount of money will make the S-League work unless the clubs possess the aspiration to scale heights and are prepared to work hard.

Fans are attracted to teams that play hard and with heart.

Liew Eng Leng