Notable way to remember Mr Lee Kuan Yew

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of our founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, it is an opportune moment for us to mull over how we can leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Mr Lee's imprint will be left in many forms, such as in books, monuments, paintings and buildings, but I think the best way a country can do justice to such a great leader is nothing less than leaving his likeness on our currency.

The pride of a people can be seen in a country's currency.

We have the portrait of our first President, Mr Yusof Ishak, imprinted on most of our currency notes, and Mr Lee deserves nothing less for being the founding father of modern Singapore. He is the most representative figure among our first-generation leaders.

Having his image on our currency, which people use on a daily basis, is the best reminder for future generations.

Without Mr Lee, Singapore would not be what it is today. He deserves the honour of being remembered on the most coveted platform that a country can bestow on any leader.

Seah Yam Meng