Not many people care enough to recycle

Many Singaporeans, including some youngsters I spoke to, either are not aware of how to recycle or just do not care ("Cultivate recycling habit with right infrastructure" by Mr Eric Teo Hong Kiat; July 21, and "Recycling infrastructure: NEA replies"; Monday).

At my condominium, I was shocked to see diapers, food and other rubbish in all recycling containers although they are each clearly marked for paper, glass, plastic or cans.

Big posters should be put up near the recycling containers.

My daughter has been very conscientious about saving the planet since her school days - she even saved bus tickets to recycle.

She now tries to avoid buying anything plastic and carries her own bag to the supermarket and for shopping.

I have learnt a lot from her and recycle where possible.

Ms Shamim Moledina