Not feasible to install bike racks on buses

The suggestion for the authorities to consider installing bicycle racks on buses is a weak one, and is not feasible at all (Install bicycle racks on buses; Nov 14).

If the Government is going to succeed in trying to persuade people to give up their cars for public transport, it is important that travel on buses be quick.

So to argue, as Mr Francis Tay does in his letter, that buses were never intended to be an expeditious mode of transport for people in a hurry is wrong.

Another consideration should be the number of cyclists. While the population may be growing, it still forms only a minuscule portion of public transport users.

Building racks on buses would be catering to this small group at the expense of a much wider group of commuters.

Having full-sized, unfoldable bicycles on buses is also not a good idea. Buses have limited space and to allow such bicycles on buses would run contrary to the broader public transport goal of catering to the larger population of users.

Finally, if bicycle racks are indeed installed on buses, the mounting and dismounting of bikes by users would cause traffic jams and many delays on the road.

Peter Ng Wah Puoy