Not enough done to protect pedestrians from cyclists

The incident involving a three-year-old child and a cyclist ("Woman seeks cyclist who knocked down son for 'closure'"; Jan 12) reminds me of something that happened to my young son and me several years ago.

We were walking along a pedestrian pavement in Sengkang when a cyclist squeezed at high speed through a narrow gap beside my son. This was despite the ample space beside me.

We were fortunate that no collision occurred, but I was shocked. By the time I recovered, the cyclist was too far ahead for reprimand. Feedback to agencies like the Land Transport Authority didn't help.

These days, I can no longer walk along a pedestrian path without constantly looking around for cyclists.

Hence, I cannot understand why the authorities are trying so hard to promote cycling in estates. Why create a situation where pedestrians end up at the mercy of cyclists?

We see news of enforcement being carried out, promotions to create the gracious sharing of pavements and so on.

But, as of now, I see zero accountability by cyclists, who can ride away quickly before getting caught. The provisions are grossly inadequate to protect the safety and well-being of pedestrians.

We should not take this issue lightly. Let us act urgently to prevent another collision, which could potentially be fatal.

Jeremy Aw Chon Wai