No single method to correct child's misbehaviour

Posed photo of an adult holding a cane in front of a child.
Posed photo of an adult holding a cane in front of a child.PHOTO: ST FILE

People who advocate against corporal punishment may be reacting uniquely to their own history of being physically punished as a child (Corporal punishment archaic, does more harm than good, Aug 12).

Many harbour unresolved bitterness against the people, usually parents, who have inflicted harm more than just pain in correcting their childhood misbehaviour.

It is too simplistic to take a broad sweep condemning all physical means of correction.

Rigorous research evaluating the findings of leading studies against spanking shows that when various confounding variables are isolated, the differences of effects between physical and non-physical methods of punishment in managing a child's misbehaviour are insignificant.

There is no one single method to correct a child's misbehaviour. Every method, whether physical or non-physical, depends on the circumstances and the relationships involved.

We know that parenting involves more than correcting bad behaviour.

Positive and affirming postures from parents foster growth when children are unconditionally loved with appropriate discipline for misbehaviour.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)