No shortage of cleaning jobs in S'pore

Ms Ang Chiew Leng overstated her case when she said older cleaners will be out of a job if all diners return their trays (Tray return: Concern over cleaners' jobs valid; Feb 18).

There is no lack of cleaning jobs in Singapore.

Singaporeans are not keen to take on cleaning jobs.

The high turnover and shortage of cleaners has been a constant bugbear in the food and beverage industry, such that proprietors and operators have to turn to foreign workers.

In fact, the tray return system and central dishwashing facility or outsourcing of dishwashing are effective solutions to the cleaner shortage.

I do not see cleaners at eateries being pushed out of a job with the tray return system, as they can be redeployed to do other tasks.

At the back-end, cleaners are still needed to clear and clean the soiled trays.

They would also be able to go around and do a better job of cleaning and sanitising the tables.

These are more elderly friendly tasks, compared with the back-breaking job of cleaning up table after table littered with dirty dishes, tissues, bones and leftovers.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon (Ms)