No need to splurge to show appreciation

Mr Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan is right in saying that children's appreciation of their fathers should be a lifelong circumstance, not an annual declaration ("Don't risk commercialising Father's Day"; June 23).

But it is up to individuals to choose the most appropriate manner with which to demonstrate their thanks and appreciation of their parents' love and care over the years.

One need not splurge on dining in high-end restaurants or buying expensive gifts on Father's Day, when a simple meal and a casual shirt are good enough. After all, it is the thought that matters most.

It is good to encourage the young to be appreciative and grateful for their parents' care and love, and for them to declare it once a year is not too much to ask.

There are young adults who do not subscribe to the idea of celebrating either Mother's Day or Father's Day, as they have the notion that remembering and honouring their parents should be in their hearts and minds.

But with their busy schedules, would they even remember to remember?

I am in my 70s, and I had a meaningful and joyful simple meal (including a few of my favourite dishes) at home on Father's Day.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng