No need to reduce frequency of block washing during wet season

During the prolonged dry weather in March, which affected Johor's Linggiu Reservoir, Singapore's main source of water in Malaysia, some town councils put up notices that block washing would be done on alternate months instead of monthly.

While I understand the need to save water during the dry season, it seems that once such a notice is out, it remains in force even when there is no longer a reason for it.

Singapore is experiencing rainfall almost daily now. The town councils should, therefore, revert to a monthly block washing schedule.

This is all the more so as residents are already paying higher service and conservancy charges.

The wet season brings its share of dirt, too, such as mud stains on common corridors.

Instead of cutting down on block washing during the wet season, town councils should remind cleaners not to leave the water running when using high-pressure jets.

Francis Cheng