Forum: No need to put down those from Third World

Pedestrians walking outside Takashimaya in Orchard Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

I agree with the views expressed by several writers about Professor Tommy Koh's observation (Being First World starts with oneself by Mr Jorg Dietzel and An insult to Third World nations by Mr Goh Ho Wee, both on Oct 8).

There is room for the people of this nation to improve their scores on the behaviour index.

Still, I think Prof Koh was extremely insensitive and insulting to citizens of Third World countries - generally those from developing and poor countries.

It is simple stereotyping or gross generalisation.

It is probably similar to the growing and expressed intolerance of a few of our retired elitists, who are often detached from the changing realities of everyday living complexities in crowded Singapore.

Lim Ang-Yong

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