No need for fancy guide to local food

I fully agree with Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng ("Leave hawker food out of Michelin Guide"; Dec 2).

Food editor Tan Hsueh Yun also has valid points in saying that foreign inspectors - who did not grow up eating our local food - will not be in the right position to judge our hawker food ("Singapore Michelin Guide - the good, the bad and the uncertainty"; Dec 2).

Our hawker fare - which includes dishes such as char kway teow - is often passed down from father to son, and we locals have acquired a taste for it . 

Singaporeans spread by word of mouth where the best local food can be found. I am a food fan and will travel around Singapore to taste the best local food.

We need not be told by foreigners or a Michelin food guide where we can get the best local food. 

Having said that, I strongly suggest that the Michelin food guide focus on fine-dining establishments in Singapore.

For local food, our own food gurus have already done an excellent job. Having grown up here, their taste buds are the same as ours.

Foreign visitors also have easy access to local food guides which are widely available at the book stores in Changi Airport or in town.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak