No clear explanation from TKD federation over kids' data leak

As a mother of three children learning taekwondo under the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), I am deeply concerned and appalled by the federation's public response to demands for accountability from a whistle-blower (STF not dealing with developments appropriately, by Mr Richard Low Kim Leng, Nov 15; Singapore Taekwondo Federation resignations are sign of trouble, by Mr Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng, Oct 30; and Letter: Leadership transition smooth, insists acting chief of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, Oct 30).

I agree with Mr Low that STF's response to Mr Tay is clearly inappropriate.

My children were among the hundreds of victims whose personal data was leaked by the STF last year (S'pore Taekwondo Federation fined $30,000 for data leak; July 10).

STF's acting president David Koh has yet to explain publicly who was responsible for the leak, how those responsible were held to account and what practical measures have been put in place to prevent another leak.

Merely having to pay a $30,000 fine to the Personal Data Protection Commission will not prevent another leak.

Recently, I checked STF's website for its phone number as I wanted to ask for an update on this issue. However, the telephone number which was there about a month ago, appears to no longer be available on its website.

This is a red flag for me. Something must be wrong if a national sports association suddenly removes its telephone number from its website.

I hope Mr Koh will have the courtesy to explain to all parents clearly what specific measures have been taken to protect the integrity of personal data, especially those of children.

Julia Lim Su Lian (Madam)