No certainty of better train service with higher fares

I disagree with Mr Jonathan Toh Joo Khai ("Raise fares to improve train service"; Forum Online, July 29).

SMRT train revenues are heavily supplemented by other sources of non-fare incomes, particularly from its commercial department.

Advertisements displayed at stations and rental yields from eateries all generate an impressive amount of revenue.

Is Mr Toh certain that train service would improve following an increase in fares? Can we be assured that there will be a substantial reduction in train disruptions and a noticeable increase in train arrival frequencies and punctuality?

Public transport is an integral part of our daily lives, particularly for commuters who do not own cars.

Since public transport is so indispensable, operators should focus on its basic objective of providing a high standard and reliable service catering to large segments of the population.

Until this objective is met, profit-making should be a lower priority.

Teo Kok Seah