New dawn ahead for Japan

I am glad that Japan's new security legislation has been empowered in the Diet ("Abe pushes through new laws but faces opposition"; Sept 20).

Japan will, thus, be able to dispatch its Self-Defence Forces overseas to fight together with the United States army, to defend itself, or to engage in United Nations peacekeeping activities.

It is necessary to be empowered legally, in view of the changing geopolitical situation surrounding Japan ("Japan's need for defence and diplomacy"; Sept 25).

I support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pledge to do his utmost to maintain stability in the world, as well as to boost Japan's gross domestic product to 600 trillion yen (S$7.1 trillion), up from the current 500 trillion yen, to improve the country's economic situation ("Japan PM seeks to reboot 'Abenomics'"; Sept 25).

Shigeru Ichige