Need to take firm stand against e-bike riders

My condolences to the family of Mr Song Chee Keong, the latest victim of an e-bike incident (Suspect nabbed for e-bike hit-and-run that killed man, 78; Aug 23).

The authorities need to take decisive action on the use of electric bicycles and scooters on walkways (except for those used by person with mobility difficulties).

I recently took a stroll at the Jurong Park connector and was appalled by the frequency and speed at which these e-bikes were zooming past.

One of the riders sounded his bell persistently as he weaved around joggers, seniors and children who jumped clear of his path.

Merely regulating e-bikes is insufficient as it seems we are unable to effectively enforce the regulations .

Give us back a safe place to exercise and relax after a day at work.

Lee Ju Guang