Need to check traffic before crossing, even if one has right of way

It is very sad that almost every other day, a pedestrian, motorcyclist or pillion rider dies in a road accident (LTA acts to ease worries over some road crossings; Oct 16).

With the ever increasing congestion in our city state, the number of such deaths will continue unless we do something.

We can use some common sense.

As a motorist, I often see pedestrians striding across zebra crossings without hesitation and without a care for their own safety, expecting that they will not be knocked down.

Such a blase attitude can also contribute to accidents at zebra crossings.

Of course, the pedestrian has the right of way, but he must first stop at the zebra crossing, look right and left, and ensure that traffic has stopped before crossing.

There should be clear signage on both sides of the zebra crossing to remind pedestrians to do so.

We must cultivate this simple habit, which will help to cut down the number of deaths at zebra crossings.

Ho Soon Teck (Dr)

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