Need for a washing bay outside park's toilets

My wife and I recently visited Windsor Nature Park, off Upper Thomson Road.

We enjoyed ourselves strolling along the trails and seeing the marsh habitat, freshwater streams and fish, plants and birds.

There were some sections of the trails where there was no boardwalk, only a dirt track, resulting in our shoes getting muddy.

When we returned to the park entrance, we found no washing bay outside the toilets to clean our shoes.

Hence, it was no surprise that the floor inside the toilets was muddy from many visitors' shoes. I overheard the cleaner saying that he had to continually mop the floor to make sure it was clean and not a safety hazard.

Not having a washing bay outside is indeed an inconvenience to park visitors and cleaners. I hope the National Parks Board will consider adding a washing bay.

Seah Leong Khai