NDP a good time drive home climate-change message

The Mozzie Wipeout segment in the National Day Parade has further impressed on people the need to fight the spread of dengue fever (Clap, clap, clap to wipe out mozzies; Aug 10).

The three-dimensional projection of a giant mosquito was impressive, and the use of technological devices such as the big screen and the unmanned drones made the National Day event spectacular.

But we are missing the bigger picture: Global warming is one of the main contributing factors, if not a major factor, for mosquito breeding.

We should use the NDP to highlight the more critical issue of global warming and how, by recycling, we can contribute more positively to the environment.

One suggestion is to broadcast a live feed from the International Space Station at such an event. It would allow more people to see our planet from space and be awed by its beauty.

Astronauts have reported a general feeling of awe and the need to make a positive difference to society and mankind after returning to Earth from a space mission. This is known as the "overview effect".

Besides the many public campaigns and education to promote recycling and save the planet, we should harness technology at a mass event so that more ordinary people can also experience the "overview effect" after seeing fragile Earth from space.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)